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North Country SBDC Director to Present Three Business Seminars

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (Sept. 10) - A series of seminars presented by Rick Leibowitz, director of the North Country SBDC, in partnership with the Plattsburgh - North Country Chamber of Commerce, will run through Nov. 19.

Leibowitz, who will present at all of the seminars, has experience with SBDCs in Indiana, Alaska, and Arizona.  He has also has years of experience as a business owner, starting when he was 17.

The first presentation, which is titled "Financial Finesse," will be held on Sept. 18 from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. at the North Country Chamber of Commerce in Plattsburgh. The price for members is $20 and non-members, $30. This presentation will explain basic financial statements, how to create them and, most importantly, how to use them as tools to make smart business decisions. Topics of discussion include how to develop a record-keeping system that keeps a finger on the pulse of the business's health; tips for using your profit and loss statement to identify your "core business model;" how to identify areas where your business can grow; tools for maximizing cash position for your business; and an explanation on how to use the balance sheet as a tool to maximize liquidity and net worth. A continental breakfast will be provided. Any cancellations should be made by Sept. 16. No shows will be charged. To register for this event call 518-563-1000, or go online to northcountrychamber.com/MBTP/eventspage.cfm.

On Oct. 16, the seminar "Increase Your Bottom Line" will take place from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. at the Chamber. Members must pay $20 and non-members, $30. This seminar will present information that should be gathered to make educated decisions and discuss ways to determine the best course toward making a business more profitable. Specific areas covered will include how to develop pricing strategies and why you shouldn't always listen to "industry experts"; why growing volume is a two-step dance requiring a choreographer; and understanding the difference between cutting costs and cutting profits, a frank discussion on forecasting change. A continental breakfast will be served. Any cancellations must be made before Oct. 14. Any no shows will be charged. To register for this event go to northcountrychamber.com/MBTP/eventspage.cfm or call 518-563-1000.

The final event will take place on Nov. 19 from 12 - 3 p.m. and is titled "Right Place, Right Time Marketing." The seminar will be held at the Chamber in Plattsburgh. The fee for members will be $20 and for non-members, $30. This presentation will focus on the basics of creating an effective marketing strategy. The seminar will not only look at creating the message but will also assist small business owners in considering the importance of time and place when choosing the best advertising medium for their businesses. This presentation consists of three key components: establishing a position in the marketplace, creating a customer-focused message that customers understand, and finding the right medium and the right frequency to maximize the effectiveness of advertising dollars. Lunch will be provided. Any cancellations should be made by Nov. 17. Those who do not show will be charged. Registration can be made by calling 518-563-1000 or online at northcountrychamber.com/MBTP/eventspage.cf.

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