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New Fellowship Promotes Study of Aging Society

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (Feb. 18, 2008) - The Plattsburgh College Foundation at SUNY Plattsburgh has announced the creation of the Chapel Hill Foundation Fellowship: Challenges of an Aging Society. The new fellowship was established through a gift from the Chapel Hill Foundation.

Our society will face significant challenges with an increasingly older population as waves of baby boomers begin to reach retirement age. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide an educational grant to conduct research on a specific aspect of these challenges.

"As medical technologies improve and people live longer, what are the implications for our society as a whole?" asked Dr. David Hill, dean of education, health, and human services at SUNY Plattsburgh. "This grant is unique in that it is open to any major on campus; it promotes the study of aging from economics to sociology, from biology to art; the prospects are very exciting."

The award will provide a summer stipend and tuition support for up to two semesters to a junior or senior full-time student in good standing at SUNY Plattsburgh.

"There are many important research opportunities available to students at SUNY Plattsburgh, and this gift enhances them," said Anne Whitmore Hansen, vice president for institutional advancement. "This is a win-win situation: students benefit from the research experience, and society can benefit from the research itself."

SUNY Plattsburgh students must submit an application by March 23. The first fellowship award will be announced on April 6.

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