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Housing needs for county assessed in coalition study

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (April 28, 2009) - The working poor are among those who have the greatest need for housing in Clinton County, according to a newly completed housing study.Also outlined as significant in the rural housing development plan commissioned by the Clinton County Housing Coalition is the need for permanent housing or rental subsidies for those of low income with mental illness or addictions, emergency housing for the homeless, assisted living facilities for low income seniors, increased rental rehabilitation, public relations for housing projects and more. Eleven strategies were identified for meeting all of the high-priority needs.

The plan, developed by SUNY Plattsburgh's Technical Assistance Center, discusses the capacities of 12 housing service providers in Clinton County, the strong majority of which are non-profit agencies. One of the findings of the report is the substantial amount of housing activity that goes on in the private, non-profit sector within the county.

The Housing Coalition and Behavioral Health Services North, which funded the project through a grant secured by Assemblywoman Janet Duprey (R-Plattsburgh), contracted with TAC to provide the research and analysis for the project. This included assessing capacities of the major housing service providers in the county, measuring area housing needs through input by major housing service providers, documenting available housing resources and drafting a strategy to meet these needs.

Peter Trout, of Behavioral Health Services North and secretary of the coalition, said, "The report provides a comprehensive assessment of growing housing needs in the county. The Housing Coalition will prioritize the outlined strategies so we can channel our resources in a targeted manner."

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