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Ettling Introduced as Plattsburgh State President

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ Dr. John Ettling was introduced at a press conference earlier today (Wednesday, Feb. 25) as the 10th president of Plattsburgh State University of New York. "I stand before you as the product of an arduous and extremely well conducted search process," said Ettling. "I am delighted to be here."

Dr. John Ettling Joining him at the press conference was Robert King, chancellor of the State University of New York, who recommended Ettling to the SUNY Board of Trustees. The Board unanimously voted to name Ettling the president of the College yesterday (Tuesday, Feb. 24) during its meeting in Albany.

"I am delighted to tell you that the choice that I made in recommending to our board John Ettling represents what we believe is the most substantial pathway and leader for this campus," said King. "One of the things that I thought was so important was finding somebody who would not simply be a leader here on the campus but somebody who would bring to the larger community of Plattsburgh and the North Country the wisdom, the temperament and the leadership that would allow all that happens here on this campus to permeate out into the larger community. We think that we have found, with your help, which has been extraordinary, a great new leader for Plattsburgh State, and it is my joy to help introduce him to the community today."

King also thanked Dr. John Clark, who has been serving as interim president at the College since last summer.

"This has been John's first assignment in higher education. I frankly cannot imagine that anybody could have done a better job. He has so far exceeded everyone's expectations that now the challenge for us is figuring out a way to keep him in the SUNY family," said King.

Those in attendance at the press conference, which was held in the Hyman and Frances Krinovitz Recital Hall in Hawkins Hall, gave Clark a standing ovation.

Ettling Press Conference "Welcome to what's going to be a very happy and historic day here at Plattsburgh State as we welcome our new president," said Clark. "Happy days are here again, and I like it."

Also on stage at the press conference were Robert Garrow and Arnold Amell, chair and vice chair of the College Council respectively. Amell will assume the role of acting chair when Garrow steps down Feb. 29 until a successor is appointed by Governor George Pataki.

King and Clark both thanked Garrow for his long-time service and commitment to Plattsburgh State. Garrow said that he is looking forward to seeing the College continue to grow.

"This is a great and pleasurable day," said Garrow. "We're most pleased to have Dr. Ettling with us. It's a great start and we're looking to the future, and certainly I've really enjoyed being a part of this whole search."

Clark will continue as interim president through the May commencement ceremony, and Ettling will begin his tenure as president no later than July 1.

"I look forward to working with Bob Golden (provost and vice president for academic affairs), John Homburger (vice president for business affairs), Bill Laundry (interim vice president for student affairs and enrollment management), the senior administrative staff here, and all of you in the community, that is the wider community as well as the campus community, to lead Plattsburgh State to a new level," said Ettling.

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