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Dance Corps' "Invasion" to Seize Campus

Dance Corps will invade SUNY Plattsburgh this Friday and Saturday, when the group presents its annual spring show at 7:30 p.m. in Hawkins Hall’s E. Glenn Giltz Auditorium.

The production is titled “Invasion” because of its powerful and moving pieces, according to Dance Corps President Jessica Burton. 

Dance Corps strives to include diverse forms of dance in its recitals, and this production is no exception.  It will feature a variety of dances from traditional ballet and jazz to more exotic hip-hop and salsa.

“We have truly grown over the last few years and have become a versatile organization, with dancers from all various backgrounds,” Burton said. “The depth of our diversity is growing to include new dance forms like reggae and salsa.” 

“Invasion” will be hosted by students Joe Lonergan and Joe Manzione with guest appearances by African Unity, PSA Crew, Alpha Phi Alpha and fellow dance group, Jedi Dance Productions.  

“Dance Corps has transformed into a truly breathtaking organization, which excels in all forms of dance on a consistent basis,” said Burton. “We are excited to show Plattsburgh our moves!” 

Tickets are $4 and are on sale at the Angell College Center’s information desk.

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