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College Theatre Association Presents Original Lock-in Theater Project

For his final project, theater major Avi Goldstein is going to do something that has never been done before on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.

He’s going to lock himself and performers in a room and give the group 24 hours to conceptualize and write a play, memorize lines and put in place all of its technical needs.

The lock-in will start 9 p.m. Friday, April 22, and will end with the play’s performance, exactly 24 hours later, at 9 p.m. Saturday, April 23 in the Studio Theatre of the Myers Fine Arts Building.

The show will be free and open to the public. In addition, individuals interested in seeing the creative process at work may visit the theater from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. 

“People always come to see a final project and never comprehend what really goes into a show. The open viewing hours will really let people see a lot of creativity and appreciate this show and others more,” said Dana McLaughlin, a sophomore theater major and a member of the creative team.

“The format of the project is designed to encourage a contemporary work based on issues that are pressing to the students’ minds,” Goldstein said. “They will enter the process with nothing prepared in advance.

“The restriction of doing the project in a day gives us a chance to flex our talents and practice everything we know. The time line will create an atmosphere of driven creativity, ingenuity and an incredibly unique performance,” he said.

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