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New Chancellor Says SUNY Is the Answer to State Budgetary Woes

The university system could be the answer to New York state's budgetary crisis, according to Dr. Nancy L. Zimpher, the new chancellor of the State University of New York.The chancellor came to SUNY Plattsburgh last week to share this belief and to spread the word that she plans to make SUNY a visionary institution - one which brings opportunity and high-quality education to every corner of the state.SUNY Plattsburgh was the 40th stop on her tour of the 64 campuses in the SUNY system. She plans to visit all of the remaining campuses by Labor Day.During her full day at SUNY Plattsburgh, she cited the college's programs that directly build on the region's assets, like its Canadian studies and global supply chain management programs. Not only do these programs build the expertise of future business leaders, they also help foster trade and commerce in the region.

Special Forum Touches on Student Concerns

SUNY Plattsburgh faculty and staff met with the chancellor during a special forum, where Zimpher responded to a wide range of questions and shared her views on everything from foreign language education and honors programs, to the challenges facing college libraries in the age of information technology and the need for SUNY institutions to work together better."The chancellor especially stressed the need for SUNY to contribute to the economic development of New York and to make current contributions by SUNY - in education, research, and the arts as well as economic development - better known across New York and, even, the world," said Interim Provost Patricia Higgins, who moderated the forum. "Faculty and staff found her well-informed about SUNY and higher education in New York state. They were also impressed by her enthusiastic approach to her own leadership role within SUNY."Zimpher toured the campus and took part in a standing-room-only student forum, which was also broadcast live on the Web so students who were home for the summer could participate.Brandon Grom, vice president for central affairs for the Student Association, said, "Chancellor Zimpher's visit and participation in the student forum has given the students new hope in the SUNY system. She is open to student opinions and has demonstrated that she will be our ally. We look forward to continued communication with her about system-wide issues as well as issues here at SUNY Plattsburgh."The chancellor ended her day at a groundbreaking ceremony for a new science wing, which is being built to silver Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design standards. She hailed the Hudson Hall project, saying that it will help the college do what it does best - "educate students."

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