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SUNY Plattsburgh Student Profile - Anna Nichols

NASA Internship Launches Ann Nichols into Research Experience

Anna Nichols has taken off for Houston. A Plattsburgh State senior majoring in cellular biochemistry with minors in French and women's studies, Anna has become one of only five students nationwide to be selected for a NASA internship that involves studying cell science and immunology and looking at the effects of microgravity on cell function."I applied for five internships and this one (NASA) was the most prestigious, so I am more than a little excited to be going," said Nichols.

Helping to Understand the Effects of Space Flight on the Human Body

The cellular and molecular mechanisms by which space flight alters human physiology are poorly understood. Anna's research will help to develop techniques that prevent or alleviate the negative effects of space flight including immune system changes, muscle and bone loss, neurological alterations and other changes in the body."I did another internship last summer at the University of Texas Houston Science Center. That experience alone would have put me above other students in terms of internship experience but now with the NASA one, I'm way ahead," said Nichols who is currently preparing to apply at medical schools for a joint M.D., Ph.D. seven-year program."It's really great for someone who wants to be a doctor to have clinical experience like I did last summer and the NASA internship that involves more of the research side, so the internships fit well with my future goals. I feel prepared for the next seven years ahead of me," said Nichols.
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