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SUNY Plattsburgh Students Produce Radio Campaigns

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ Communication students at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh will be listening to their class projects well beyond the end of the semester - on the radio.

As a part of an advanced radio production class, students created "mini" radio campaigns for clients. With only a three week timeframe to work within, students acquired clients, researched topics, developed theory-based strategies, contracted and recorded talent, revised, post-produced and delivered a variety of public service announcements to their clients. Students worked with three local organizations: the City of Plattsburgh, the Driver Education Training Institute (DETI) and Plattsburgh For Peace.

Students working with DETI created messages to help inform people about the proper use of roundabouts including the slogan, "Slow, Yield, Indicate."

Students working with Plattsburgh For Peace, a local non-profit organization, promoted the celebration of diversity in Plattsburgh in preparation for upcoming summer events. And students working with the City of Plattsburgh hoped to better educate area residents walking their dogs, rallying around the slogan, "Scoop Your Pet's Poop."   

Eight client-approved public service announcements were distributed to radio stations in upstate New York and Vermont, including WIRY in Plattsburgh and WCHP in Champlain. Student project managers included Janet Laduca, from Scottsville, N.Y., working with Plattsburgh for Peace; Louis Plaat, from Albany, N.Y., working with DETI; and Victoria Berger, from Schenectady, N.Y., working with the Mayor's Office in the City of Plattsburgh.

The clients were pleased with the announcements produced by the students at SUNY Plattsburgh.

"The team was very creative and the spots are original," said Giesele Gagnier, speaking for the Mayor's Office.
Richard Potiker of DETI Inc. said, "I was impressed with the speed at which the project moved forward and the final product."

And Plattsburgh for Peace co-chairperson Amy MacLeod said, "I was happy to see the student team was sincerely interested in our mission and took every measure possible to ensure that their end results were 100% to our satisfaction."

It is expected that the productions will begin broadcasting within the next two weeks.

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