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Students, Faculty Prepare for Showcase Week April 11 - 16

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ For more than 10 years, students at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh from many different areas of study along with faculty members have participated in Showcase Week. This year, Showcase Week will take place April 11 - 16.

"Showcase is an old tradition at Plattsburgh State where we showcase the academic successes of our students," said Kathy Lavoie, dean of arts and science and member of the Showcase Committee. "It was discontinued for a while, but we brought it back to campus last year in a modified form."

Douglas Skopp, distinguished teaching professor of history, is chair of this year's Showcase Committee. Showcase Week has been scheduled in conjunction with the inauguration of President John Ettling on Saturday, April 16.

"Showcase Week gives students an opportunity to 'Showcase' or present some unique activities, insights and achievements in their studies at the College," said Skopp. "Students at our College have a long tradition of excellence in all aspects of academic life. An important feature of this excellence is in communicating their understanding and creativity to others, and that's what Showcase is all about."

Students and faculty from across campus are participating in this year's Showcase. The activities range from visual art displays to student-faculty research. Showcase gives students the chance to show their work to other students, faculty and the public.

"I believe it affords the students, faculty and the College an opportunity to highlight some of the important research and other activities that is being conducted collaboratively between students and faculty at Plattsburgh State," said Dr. Michael Morales, assistant professor of psychology and one of several faculty mentors involved in Showcase.

"Much of the collaborative work that occurs between undergraduate students and faculty is not widely known by the campus community, and for that matter may not recognize that our undergraduate students are involved in top notch research that is presented widely at both national and international conferences."

It is the culmination of this student-faculty collaboration that makes Showcase Week so special to Plattsburgh State. Many colleges are unable to offer students the one-on-one attention that SUNY Plattsburgh students are offered.

"I want my peers to see the type of research that students are doing at this level of their careers," said Lisa Long, a senior communication disorders and sciences major from Westchester, N.Y. "I think it is important to show other students that it is possible to do this type of research, and it is an excellent opportunity offered to Plattsburgh students."

Students participating in this year's Showcase Week represent a wide variety of majors. Many events for Showcase Week will take place within a specific class while others will take place outside of the classroom.

"I'm looking forward to Showcase Week," said President Ettling. "I'm especially pleased that this year's week will coincide with my inauguration, which is a celebration of our institution and all of its members."

For a complete list of scheduled events, visit the website at www.plattsburgh.edu/president/showcase2005.php

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