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SBE Faculty Member Travels to North Africa

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ Dr. Mohamed Djerdouri, professor in the School of Business and Economics at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, was recently awarded a U.S. Agency for International Development/U.S. Department of State grant to support an Institutional Partnership in Higher Education for International Development between Plattsburgh State and the Institut National de Commerce (INC).

Djerdouri traveled to Algeria to visit INC in Algiers, the partner institution. While there, he met with Dr. Saadi, the INC director general and the partnership project co-director, who expressed his appreciation that the INC has been selected to be the partner institution and the commitment and dedication of the INC staff and faculty to the success of this project. Saadi is expected to visit Plattsburgh State sometime this month.

"I visited the institution and met with students and faculty members," said Djerdouri. "I also held meetings with the three Algerian INC professors who will visit Plattsburgh State in late summer."

Djerdouri and the three professors reviewed potential research project proposals and developed a set of activities they will undertake while in Plattsburgh.

Djerdouri was invited to speak at the INC Monday Seminar Series where about 100 people including faculty members, students and many guests from outside INC attended the presentation. Djerdouri spoke about the use of mathematical models to measure performance.

Djerdouri also visited the Ministry of Industry in Algiers and met with the director of quality improvement at the ministry.

"I proposed a research project I want to work on with the INC colleagues concerning Algerian companies and quality management practices," said Djerdouri. "The director expressed interest in the project and assured me all the help needed to carry out this important project."
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