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Plattsburgh University Police Unit Celebrates Golden Anniversary with Reception

Nearly two dozen well-wishers gathered at a reception at the President’s House April 25, celebrating the 50th anniversary of University Police, the official State University of New York law enforcement unit.

The Plattsburgh contingent was in full force in uniform for the occasion, which also marked the announcement of Chief Jerry Lottie’s retirement after 38 years as an officer — 32 of those years with UP. 

“We’ve come very far,” Lottie said. “our mission isn’t just to protect and serve this campus community but also to be a part of it. Nearly half of our officers hold or are in the process of obtaining their master’s degrees from SUNY Plattsburgh.”

President John Ettling congratulated University Police on reaching 50 years and cited Plattsburgh UP for enjoying “a good, warm working relationship with faculty and staff and especially with students,” he said. “Keep it up for another 50 years.”

‘You are Recognized’

Bryan Hartman, vice president for student affairs, told the officers they should be proud of the student-centered attention they give students, “day in and day out. You are recognized by student organizations on a regular basis.”

Michael Cashman, who served as Student Association president for two terms while a student at SUNY Plattsburgh, worked closely with UP and in his current position as supervisor of the Town of Plattsburgh, he maintains a relationship with the campus police force.

“You are steady and reliant,” Cashman said. “You step up whenever our community needs you.”

Ettling read a proclamation from the College Council, which referred to the history of University Police that saw personnel move from peace officers to bona fide police officers, and lauded the men and women serving at SUNY Plattsburgh for having “demonstrated a commitment to crime prevention and to community policing, working diligently with the camps community to be a partner in our educational mission,” creating “an environment as free as possible from crime and the fear of crime.”

‘Unwavering Dedication’

In its proclamation, the council also expressed its pride for UP “for its unwavering dedication to the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors.”

The University Police members were then presented with commemorative pins to wear. 

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