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Move-In Day 2015 | SUNY Plattsburgh

Sunshine, traffic, goodbyes, and countless piles of bags and bins.

For eager students and sentimental parents, it’s that time of year.

Under pristine skies, nearly 1,000 newcomers joined returning Cardinals on Saturday, August 22 for move-in. SUNY Plattsburgh resident assistants, Greek Life members and a variety of other volunteers helped freshmen and their families lug load after load into Whiteface and Wilson Halls. Upperclassman reunited over free food on the lawn at Champlain Valley Hall. Some left campus to cliff jump or relax at the city beach. Smartphones shot selfies everywhere, and Plattsburgh came to life.

So it begins.

What Students Said

Sunshine, traffic, goodbyes, and countless piles of bags and bins.

“No, mom, I don’t want any pictures!” —Wilson Hall freshman

“I want to tackle every freshman I see. I’m so jealous.” —Senior student

“I can’t wait to meet everyone.” —Whiteface Hall resident assistant

“It doesn’t get better than this.” —Hood Hall upperclassman

What Parents Said

“They left me here to watch the stuff and look sad.” —Mom outside Macomb Hall with her son’s belongings

“Okay, here’s the game plan: grab as much as you can carry and meet at the elevator.” —Dad outside Hood Hall

“When do we get Smooth Moves?” —Dad outside Whiteface Hall

“We’ll miss them, but this is so great. I’m happy for them.” —Mom inside Whiteface Hall

The Day’s Heroes

Members of fraternities and sororities, along with other volunteers, helped students move into the residence halls, while Residence Life staff checked in close to 3,000 students. RAs in first-year housing even broke down tripled rooms into doubles.

And, of course, the parents are always heroes.

People and Events

SUNY Plattsburgh President John Ettling and Student Association President Kevin Clayton drove around campus in a golf cart. Burghy, the Cardinal mascot, greeted students at the picnic.

The event in front of Champlain Valley Hall included customized artwork, caricature drawings, a photo booth and an inflatable—and free food provided by Campus Dining Services. Illusionist and magician Joel Meyers performed in the Ballrooms Saturday night.

Up Next

Classes begin, and opening week activities commence. Family Weekend is scheduled for September 18-20.

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