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Michael Harrington New Student Association President

PLATTSBURGH, NY __Politics wasn't the first choice for new Student Association President Michael Harrington. Originally, Harrington, from Eagle Bridge, N.Y., chose Plattsburgh State University of New York based on the strength of its mass communications program.

While majoring in mass communications, Harrington spent time at the campuses two radio stations, WARP and WQKE, as well as PSTV, the campus television station. Along the way, Harrington also found time to spend three years as a resident assistant and just this year became resident director of Wilson Hall. Recently however, this first-year graduate student has found politics to be another interesting venue in which to spend his time.

"I spent the last couple summers as an assistant to Plattsburgh Mayor Dan Stewart," said Harrington. "It was at that point that I found myself intrigued by politics."

During the fall 2003 semester, Harrington was offered a vacant S.A. senator position by former S.A. President Tim Sarrantonio. He did not hesitate.

"I was always interested in the presidency," said Harrington. "The problem was that, until recently, I felt uncomfortable because I had no experience in an elected position."

That same semester, Harrington ran for and won the S.A. presidency. Despite his success, Harrington is still unsure what role politics will play in his future once his term is up next December.

"I will have my master's in a year and a half," said Harrington. "I might be in a completely different place mentally by then."It will probably be a tough choice, not because I'm not sure what I want to do, but because there are so many things I want to do. News, radio and television are still in the front of my mind, but now there is politics too, and that interests me a lot."

In the meantime, Harrington will focus his attention on leading the S.A., and student body. So far, Harrington's agenda includes, helping the college retain its positive image, better informing off-campus students and helping Plattsburgh State's new president get to know the campus and students.

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