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Presidential Scholar Matthew Rine '19 Is Grateful for Opportunity | SUNY Plattsburgh

For freshman Matthew Rine of Peru, who began his college career this fall as one of only five presidential scholars at SUNY Plattsburgh, the possibilities of who and what he will do with his life are an embarrassment of riches — so many choices for so many interests. It’s hard for him to narrow it down.

Matthew Rine’s mother, Kate ’89, and grandmother, Jean Cordes ’77, both graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh

Will he choose business? History? Environmental sciences? Law?

“I was looking at some great colleges, including Plattsburgh. So when I got the scholarship offer, the decision was easy.”

His mother, Kate ’89, and father, Jerry, have always pushed him to do his best, but his teachers at Peru High School really broadened his interests.

Rine became interested in the law while working as a youth attorney for the Clinton County Youth Court, where misdemeanor offenders 16 and under can choose the court, which is staffed by youth peers, to receive community-service sentences.

He also loves businesses and economics, and he is also considering a career in the environment. One of his hobbies is geocaching.

“There are millions of hidden containers all around the world and you determine the locations through GPS, dig them up, write your name on a slip of paper, and seal them for the next person to discover. It’s a great way to explore.”

Then again, Rine is fascinated by world history and studies it in his spare time.

He’s not a total bookworm, though: he was captain of Peru’s varsity tennis team, is an avid kayaker and is working on becoming an Adirondack High Peaks 46er.

“I’m so proud to be getting this scholarship (funded by the Allen-Howard Scholarship Foundation). Without having to worry about finances, it gives me such a great opportunity to discover what to do with my life.”

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