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Learning Communities Help Freshmen to Make the Transition to College

What is a Learning Community?

A great first semester in college

Learning Communities can make your first semester meaningful, stimulating, and, above all, successful. A Learning Community is 22-24 students who enroll together in specially designed General Education courses, all taught by dedicated and innovative faculty in the fall semester. Learning Communities are open to all newly enrolling freshmen, with the exception of nursing majors.Each Community focuses on a major contemporary issue.Every course satisfies a General Education requirement. All Communities meet the college's Oral Expression requirement and include the introductory courses in several major programs. In addition, several Communities offer a chance for you to satisfy yet another General Education requirement by producing a written portfolio.

A great head start in your college career

Benefits include:
  • small class sizes
  • individual attention
  • close contact with caring faculty
  • a nearly complete registration package
  • completion of up to 1/3 of your General Education requirements
  • chance to study an intriguing contemporary issue
  • an integrated semester that makes sense
In a Learning Community, you're not just a number: you're an important part of an exciting and rewarding academic experience. You will improve your skills, work closely with other students and faculty, and pave the way for a successful college experience.

Learning Community Options for Fall 2004

  • "World Hunger": study one of the world's most pressing problems - and learn to kayak too!
  • "Human Drug Experience": the scientific, social, and personal dimensions of the drug problem!
  • "Visual Culture": explore the world of graphic expression in art, film, literature, and philosophy!
  • "The Chemistry of Life": Bio majors study the basics of life science and learn to write well too!
  • "Culture, Conflict and Morality": why is the world so violent; how can we make it more just?
  • "Perfecting America": study the major issues facing the nation in this new century!


Learn more by contacting Dr. Thomas Morrissey, Learning Communities CoordinatorPhone. 518-564-2430
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: web.plattsburgh.edu/academics/learningcommunities/

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