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Career Development Center: Managing Your Brand During the Job Search | SUNY Plattsburgh

Tips from the Career Development Center

Today’s tight job market calls for a new approach. Now, more than ever, prospective employees have to be savvy in building skills and reputation.

Here are five P’s to help you with that process:

PROACTIVE: Seek opportunities to learn more, work with different staff and take on new responsibilities. Build your skill sets and market yourself to colleagues and current and future employers.

PRESENCE: You are more than your job performance. Your “brand” is how people understand you.  It is a reflection of information drawn formally and informally from multiple sources, including your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, a Google search and a check of your credit report.

PERFORMANCE: Drop the objective from your resume. Today’s employers want a concise summary of proven skills and accomplishments — ideally no more than two pages long. Quantify your experiences. Highlight the ones your prospective employer needs. Don’t write your life story. Instead create the best sales pitch possible.

PREPARE: Even if you are happy with your job, always be prepared for new opportunities. Keep your LinkedIn profile current and accurate. Actively contribute to your professional associations and other networks. Periodically update your resume and professional references.

POSITIVE: A positive outlook — combined with preparation and persistence — can be powerful influences in your favor. Focus on the aspects of your search that you can control — and the process will unfold for you.

The Career Development Center offers a wide variety of programs to educate and assist SUNY Plattsburgh students and alumni with their career path.

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