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Hot Water Lines Being Installed on Rugar Street

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ The State University of New York College at Plattsburgh is currently replacing a portion of the high temperature hot water lines to the Macdonough and Harrington residence halls on Rugar Street.

In the spring and summer of 2001, SUNY Plattsburgh replaced a major portion of the College's continuous loop line, which carries high temperature hot water to heat exchangers in the various facilities and then back to the Heating Plant. That project, which did not include construction of new lines to Macdonough and Harrington halls, replaced an existing 25-year-old loop that experienced several major ruptures.

Supinski said that an oil-fired boiler in Macdonough has generated hot water and steam for Harrington and Macdonough halls since then.

Supinski said, "With this new project, the high temperature lines will connect these buildings with our central heating plant, and we will be able to save on our heating costs. This will be very economical for the College."

The project will involve installing high temperature hot water lines underground from the Angell College Center east along the sidewalk in front of Myers Fine Arts Building. It will then cross the roadway in front of Myers and then make a 90 degree right turn and cross Rugar Street. It will eventually connect to Macdonough and Harrington halls.

Although the work is not expected to have a great effect on traffic, SUNY Plattsburgh is currently discussing possible sporadic road closures with city officials.

The construction project will take about four weeks.

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