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Dr. Timothy Clukey Produces CD on Tales of the Adirondacks

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ Dr. Timothy Clukey, assistant professor of communication at Plattsburgh State University of New York, has produced a compact disc that is the first in a series of audio pieces providing cultural documentation of regional folklore for the Adirondack North Country.

The CD, Campfire Tales of the Adirondack North Country , is a collection of tales, myths and legends told by the people who have investigated them.

"These recordings capture the mystique and history of the North Country by documenting the tales and legends of the area, including hauntings, executions and mysteries that have been passed down from generation to generation around the campfire," said Clukey.

Storytellers featured on the CD include: Plattsburgh City Court Judge and former Clinton County District Attorney Penelope Clute; Gordie Little, television and radio personality and columnist for the Press Republican; Chris Ortloff, New York State assemblyman; and Dr. Douglas Skopp, distinguished teaching professor of history.

"The idea for this CD came while I was completing research for a segment of Digital Audio Recording Applications, an advanced audio production course, that I teach in the fall," said Clukey. "I began contacting people in the area. My goal was to capture regional folklore as told by people in the area who have researched these stories."

Clukey said that the process of putting the CD together was intriguing, and that he discovered many things from everyone he interviewed.

"Dr. Skopp recounted stories from the many 'haunted' portions of the campus, reaching back to the early 1900s," he said. "Penelope Clute had completed extensive  research into public executions and strongly stated a case for a public hanging that involved a miscarriage of justice back in the 1800s."

Clukey began his work on the project last May and completed final production in late August. He is currently doing research on stories from some of the more mountainous areas of the region, which he hopes to explore further over the summer.

Portions of the CD have been aired on North Country Public Radio (WSLU-FM).

"I'm very proud of the CD," said Clukey. "I contextualized it to reflect the type of stories that were being told -- tales, myths and legends of the area, the kind of thing you tell while sitting around a campfire."

To learn more about the CD or to hear a sample, go to www.freewebs.com/ campfiretales

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