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Fitness Center Activities

Group Activity Classes

Group activity classes are scheduled at popular times, seven days a week. Various intensity levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) are provided.

A detailed group activity schedule is available just prior to the beginning of each semester at the Fitness Center.

More than 30 classes are offered per week. Classes typically are taught by certified aerobics, yoga, SPINNING and Kickboxing instructors.

All classes are first-come first-served. Some classes are limited in size due to the need for safety and additional equipment necessary to conduct the class.

Classes may include: (check schedule for specific offerings)

  • Spinning/Cross Cycle
  • Kickboxing
  • Yoga
  • Yogalates
  • Zumba
  • Bootcamp
  • Hardbody
  • Hoop Fitness
  • Core
  • 10-10-10

Indoor Climbing Wall

State of the Art Venue

Membership to the SUNY Plattsburgh Fitness Center includes access to the vertical world of rock climbing. Members can enjoy the benefits, challenges, and excitement of our climbing venue located on the lower level of Memorial Hall.

Varied Climbing Terrain

The climbing wall offers opportunities to boulder, top-rope and lead climb. Eighteen hundred square feet of varied climbing terrain will reward the first time climber to the most experienced.

Expert Instruction for All Levels

The facility is supervised by experienced and credentialed climbers who are available to provide instruction to fitness center members at convenient times. Climbing equipment including harnesses and shoes are provided. Climbing is an all around fitness activity that helps to promote strength, flexibility and balance.

If you are looking for a new dimension to your workouts, try indoor climbing today!

FAQs About the Climbing Wall

  • What is Bouldering and Belaying?

    Bouldering is climbing horizontally and vertically underneath a twelve foot line without being attached to a rope. Bouldering allows the individual to climb without a partner or the confinement of a rope so they are free to move easily in all directions. Bouldering problems (taped climbing paths) are set on a regular basis and holds are moved around to offer variations in the climbing terrain for individuals just learning to boulder as well as seasoned veterans. Bouldering can occur any time the wall is open for open climbing.

    Rope Climbing involves at least two people. One person is the belayer and one the climber. The climber ties them self into the rope and climbs vertically up the wall. The belayer holds the rope and catches the climber in case of a fall as well as lowers them to the ground. Vertical taped routes are set on a regular basis.

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