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Use modern media to tell the story

Journalism: Multimedia Major

The multimedia journalism major prepares you to work in multiple media platforms — print, digital, online and broadcast — in the fields of journalism and public relations.

What Will I Learn?

First, you will gain a solid foundation in reporting and writing. They you will learn how to combine these skills with images, video and audio to tell journalistic stories in an interactive, digital environment. Multimedia-specific courses give you the opportunity to:

  • Design and build websites, becoming fluent in the latest versions of HTML and CSS
  • Be introduced to JavaScript and PHP programming languages
  • Create multimedia projects using broad-based digital skills that include software such as InDesign, Fireworks, Photoshop, Notepad++, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Sony Movie Studio and Audacity
  • Learn how to shoot video and capture audio with college-supplied camcorders and audio recorders
  • Gain practical experience through class projects, practicums and internships
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