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Each one of SUNY Plattsburgh’s 70+ programs comes with a promise — you will be given the tools to go farther. Leading professors, experiential learning opportunities, and alumni networking connections are all available to help you succeed.

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  1. Chemistry Major

    Chemistry Major

    With a sound foundation in the basic areas of inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry, you'll be ready for your future as a professional in the field of chemistry.

  2. Chemistry Major with ACS Certification

    Chemistry Major with ACS Certification

    ​Earn the same sound foundation chemistry as in the B.A. program; but the additional coursework which satisfies the American Chemical Society requirements for certification.

  3. Child Care Management Concentration in Human Development & Family Relations Major

    Child Care Management Concentration in Human Development & Family Relations Major

    Ours is the only program of its kind in SUNY. Prepare for a career as a child-care center director, Head Start teacher, or professional in a youth-related human services agency.

  4. Childhood Education Major

    Childhood Education Major

    Develop and apply knowledge of child development, subject area content, and teach students in the 21st century elementary classroom.

  5. Communication Sciences & Disorders Major

    Communication Sciences & Disorders Major

    Prepare for graduate school in speech-language pathology or audiology, work with graduate students in the Speech and Hearing Center and learn assessment and treatment techniques.

  6. Communication Studies Major

    Communication Studies Major

    If you’re interested in politics, speech writing, media criticism and other communication careers that emphasize the personal over the technological, this major is for you.

  7. Computer Science Major

    Computer Science Major

    ​Learn the fundamentals of computer science: programming, logic and math, systems and social impact.

  8. Computer Security Major

    Computer Security Major

    Gain a deep, broad understanding of computer security through an overlap of the department’s three majors: computer science, informational technology and computer security.

  9. Creative Writing Major

    Creative Writing Major

    Develop skill in all forms of writing, from poetry and fiction, to non-fiction and professional!

  10. Criminal Justice Major

    Criminal Justice Major

    Become familiar with law, the U.S. Constitution, compare and contrast urban and rural areas, and gain an understanding of complex issues surrounding the criminal justice system.

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