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Apply to Join the Residence Life Team

Making a difference

Becoming a Resident Assistant (RA), Community Advocate (CA) or a Residence Hall Director (RD) is a game changer.  Leadership, friendship and growth - you'll get them all.

Our Residence Halls are staffed with a fun-loving group of students and professional staff. Our goal is to make the Halls a safe and welcoming environment. Joining the team will give you real-world skills and you will be trained to help deal with conflict, build community and be a resource to residents in your Residence Halls.

Overview of Residence Life Positions

What is an RA (Resident Assistant)?

Each Residence Hall on campus has at least one RA per floor. RAs are full-time students who act as a liaison between the students living on their floor and the campus community. They help build community by doing a wide range of programming, holding floor meetings and by assisting in keeping the Residence Halls safe and secure. Many of the students who apply to be RAs are typically leaders and role models on our campus who personify what it means to be a good leader on a college campus and in the surrounding community.

What is a CA (Community Advocate)?

Unlike an RA, CA’s are only found in First-Year Residence Halls. There are a total of 16 CAs campus wide. CAs act as a liaison between the First-Year Students living in First-Year Housing and the campus community. CAs primary function is to work with First-Year student to acclimate them to the college environment by encouraging student involvement. CA’s also host a weekly campus event for students: Thursday Night Trivia. CA’s are typically leaders and role models on our campus who personify what it means to be a good leader and role model on a college campus and the surrounding community.

What is an RD (Residence Director or Hall Director)?

RDs are a mix of full time professional staff and graduate assistants. The RD role on campus is to oversee the day-to-day functions of the Residence Halls. This includes supervising the RAs and CAs, acting as liaison for their hall and other campus offices, and help solve community conflicts. RDs also are the acting advisers to Community Governments. Unlike our CAs and RAs, RDs are either full time graduate students (Graduate Assistants) or full-time professional staff in our First Year Student buildings. RDs are also seen as leaders and role models on our campus and surrounding community.

Joining the Team: Becoming an RA or CA

If you would like to apply to be an RA or CA here is what you need to know:

  1. Applications for the following fall typically open in mid November and close in early February
  2. All qualified students (see requirements below) must attend two group sessions that typically happen in mid February.
  3. If you are selected to move on from the group process, you will complete an interview (typically happening at the end of February, or early March)
  4. All Applicants will then be notified on their status by the end of March or early April.

Required and Recommended qualifications for RA or CA positions.

  • GPA of 2.75 or Higher (Required)
  • Application submitted by the due date (Required)
  • No major college rule violations (Required)
  • Successful Completion of the RA/CA Application Process (Required)
  • Involvement in your Residence Hall and/or Campus Community (Recommended)
  • Leadership/Teamwork Experience (Recommended)

Applying to be a Residence Hall Director

All candidates for Graduate RD positions, must apply to or be matriculated into a full time Graduate program at SUNY Plattsburgh and apply to be a Graduate Assistant. Professional Hall Directors are hired when needed through the College’s Search Process.

Graduate Assistantships at Plattsburgh
Positions at Plattsburgh

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