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Sophomore & Junior Housing

We know that you’ve moved on from your first year and are looking for a new experience in your residence hall community. When you arrived on campus, you were placed in a theme-based community based on the interests you identified on your housing application. Now, we want to give you the chance to create your very own theme — one that works for you and your friends.

Choice-Themed Housing

You’ve developed good friends and relationships and this program allows you to create your own unique floor or suite theme based on your growing and changing interests. All you need to do is gather a group of like-minded students who are interested in living together next year and create a theme around a common interest. Here’s why you should:

  • You’ll feel a stronger sense of belonging
  • You’ll get to develop your own programs, working with your CA
  • You’ll develop leadership skills
  • We’ll educate you about common issues facing students at your level
  • You’ll work with a faculty or staff member of your choosing
  • We’ll work with you on major selection and career exploration

How to Apply

Applying for and receiving approval for your theme is pretty straightforward. 

  1. Decide what you want your theme to be
  2. Find between 6-27 students who want to part of your theme
  3. Find a faculty or staff sponsor who is willing to work with you on this
  4. Submit your Housing Application and the Choice-Themed Housing Application by the date we’ll designate and share with you in the spring semester
  5. Wait for our office to review the application and get back to you

Some Potential Theme Ideas

  • Honors
  • Academic major-focused
  • Harry Potter
  • Ski or snowboard
  • Club or organization-focused
  • Recycling and sustainability
  • Fraternity and sorority
  • Gaming
  • Food and cooking
  • International experience
  • ...or, whatever you can imagine!


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