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Adirondack Hall

Adirondack Hall's unique design makes it one of the most distinctive buildings on our campus.

Adirondack Hall

Adirondack Hall on the edge of the college campus is the location of a state-run COVID-19 test site. Parking is available on Sanborn Ave. adjacent to the site.

This testing operation is not affiliated with SUNY Plattsburgh.


Residence Hall CLOSED FOR THE 2021–2022 ACADEMIC YEAR

Adirondack Hall was named after the magnificent mountains of the surrounding area. These mountains, which are among the oldest in the country, are the centerpiece of the Adirondack Park.

A Unique Place to Live

Substance-Free Housing is available in this hall. For more information, contact the campus housing and community living office.

All floors of each section comprise co-ed living situations and are called wings.

Adirondack Hall is the only residence hall with three main entrances, located on the ground level of its three sections.

Facilities, Location & Amenities

The bottom floor contains a kitchenette and snack area, study lounge, and three laundry rooms which are fully equipped with both washers and dryers. Each of Adirondack’s nine wings has a study lounge, storage and/or bike room and a floor lounge.

Adirondack Hall is joined to Banks and Whiteface, the two adjacent residence halls, by an underground tunnel. This amenity is especially appreciated during the winter months. Another attractive feature of Adirondack is its proximity to the Feinberg Library, the Angell College Center and several academic facilities.

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