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Off-Campus Housing

The process of deciding to live off-campus, signing a lease and interacting with neighbors and landlords can be one of excitement. It is a process most of us will experience sometime in our lives. This page is designed to be a resource for SUNY Plattsburgh students who are eligible to live off-campus.

Living Off-Campus

If you are interested AND eligible to live off-campus, you’ve come the right place. We’ve done some thinking on this for you already.

Off-Campus Survival Guide

Eligible to Live Off-Campus?

All undergraduate students are required to live on campus. Exemptions of this policy exist for students in the following categories. Some of the exemptions require the student to submit a Housing Exemption Form. (see below for more detail):

  • Students who can document that they have lived for four semesters (the equivalent of two academic years) on this or another college campus (form required);
  • Married students (no form required);
  • Fully online students (no form required);
  • Veterans (no form required);
  • Queensbury branch campus students (no form required);
  • Students with dependent children living with them (no form required)
  • Students living with parents or legal guardians commuting from within 60 miles of campus. Proof of a parental or guardian’s domicile located within this 60 miles radius, using the SUNY Policy for establishing Residency will be required. (form required);
  • Students 21 years of age or older, prior to Oct. 1 of the academic year in which they enroll (March 1 for Spring semester enrollees) (form required);
  • Students who are closed out of campus housing by the college, and therefore must live off-campus (no form required).
  • Students who feel their situation necessitates an exception to this policy for financial or other extenuating situations, must submit a Special Request Form, available in the Campus Housing and Community Living Office, seeking an exception to this policy.

If you feel you might fall into one of these categories which require you to file a Housing Exemption Form, the form is available through the Housing Portal. This must be done PRIOR to you signing a lease.

Housing Accommodations through the ADA

Students, who feel their situation necessitates an exception to this policy for medical, psychological or other qualifying disabilities, should submit a Housing Accommodation Request.

View Housing Forms

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