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Being a Good Neighbor

Living off campus means you'll be expected to be a responsible member of a community made up of diverse individuals including senior citizens, families with young children and others who rise early in the morning to go to work or class. Living harmoniously with such a variety of people can be challenging as well as enjoyable.

Cardinals Care About Their Neighbors

Moving off-campus is more than just finding an apartment with some friends and learning how to make macaroni and cheese. It’s about treating your neighbors with respect as well.

Unfortunately, some past students have chosen not to take advantage of that opportunity and were inconsiderate of those living around them. It only takes one noisy party or one irresponsible act to create negative feelings toward all college students. Some neighbors feel prejudice toward particular houses that problematic students lived in a long time ago.

Some Good Neighbor Behaviors

Years of bad feelings can be cleared up with the cooperative effort of all off-campus students by practicing a few simple good neighbor behaviors:

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Exchange phone numbers and encourage them to contact you if they have a question or complaint.
  • Be courteous and considerate. If you are having a party, keep your windows closed. Make sure your guests do not block driveways when they park their cars. Inform your neighbors in advance.
  • Keep noise to a minimum. You are responsible for the noise that comes from your building. If you are having a party and your music and guests are loud, you may receive a call or visit from one of your neighbors or the local police. You don't want a citation for violating the City Noise Ordinance!
  • Be discrete. Do not impose your private conduct and/or lifestyle on people who may not share your morals or values.
  • Keep your property (lawn, porch, etc.) free from garbage and debris.
  • Be understanding. Realize that your life as a student is nearly opposite that of your neighbors. Try to understand and respect that difference.
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