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Clery Act Disclosure Locations/Addresses Listing

Report Clery-reportable crimes that occurred in one of the four following location categories:

I. On-Campus

Any space owned or controlled by SUNY Plattsburgh within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area and used by SUNY Plattsburgh in direct support of, or in a manner related to, SUNY Plattsburgh’s educational purposes, including residence halls/dormitories.

IA. On-Campus Residential Facilities

  • Adirondack Hall
  • Hood Hall
  • Mason Hall
  • Banks Hall
  • Kent Hall
  • Moffitt Hall
  • deFredenburgh Hall
  • Macdonough Hall
  • Whiteface Hall
  • Harrington Hall
  • Macomb Hall
  • Wilson Hall

IB On-Campus Nonresidential Facilities:

  • 102 Broad Street
  • Field House
  • Myers Fine Arts Building
  • 133 Court Street
  • George Angell Storage
  • Olive Mason Flynt House
  • Algonquin Dining Hall
  • Hawkins Hall
  • Redcay Hall
  • Angell College Center
  • Health Center Building
  • Saranac Hall
  • Au Sable Hall
  • Hudson Annex
  • Service Building
  • Beaumont Hall
  • Hudson Hall Main
  • Service Garage
  • Central Heating Plant
  • Kehoe Administration Building
  • Sibley Hall
  • Champlain Valley Hall
  • Maintenance Storage
  • Ward Hall
  • Clinton Dining Hall
  • Memorial Hall
  • Yokum Lecture Hall
  • Feinberg Library
  • Memorial Field Storage

IC. Other Property Considered On-Campus Facilities

Table: List of Other On-Campus Facilities
Location Name Space Utilized Address
Bailey Avenue Elementary School Cafeteria, Teacher’s Lounge, Art Room, Gymnasium, Computer Lab, playground 50 Bailey Avenue, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Momot Elementary School Cafeteria, gymnasium, room 47, room 16, Library, Computer lab, playground 60 Monty Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Oak Street Elementary School Cafeteria, Library, Computer lab, Gymnasium, Teacher’s Lounge, Room 19, playground 108 Oak Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Stafford Middle School Home and Careers Classroom 100, Computer lab, Gymnasium (occasionally), athletic field behind school (occasionally) 15 Broad Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
University of Vermont – CVPH Hospital Room 302B 75 Beekman Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

2. Non-Campus Property Owned or Controlled by an Officially Recognized Student Organization

As of 2013 there are no off-campus properties owned or controlled by officially recognized student organizations.

3. Non-Campus Property Owned or Controlled by the College Used in Relation to the University’s Educational Purposes

3A. Property leased or owned by the College in the community surrounding the campus or at extension sites:

Non-campus property owned or controlled by SUNY Plattsburgh that is used in direct support of, or in relation to SUNY Plattsburgh’s educational purposes, is frequently used by students, and is not within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of SUNY Plattsburgh.

Table: List of Non-Campus Locations
Location Name Space Utilized Address
Miner Institute and Miner Center Educational Building Entire facility 1034 Miner Farm Road | 586 Ridge Road, Chazy, NY 12921
Twin Valley Education Entire facility 95 Twin Valley Lane, Lewis, NY 12950
Valcour Inn and Lodge Entire facility 3712 Lake Shore Rd Route 9 South , Peru, NY 12972

3B. Buildings or properties rented or leased by the College for sponsored trips and/or study abroad during extended or repeated stays (e.g., a hotel or hostel).

4. Public Property Within or Immediately Adjacent to and Accessible From the Campus

Public property refers to property owned by a public entity, such as a city or state government. This includes thoroughfares, streets, sidewalks, and parking facilities.

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