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Get Involved

As a member of the SUNY Plattsburgh community you are connected to many people who make the choice to come to campus from various backgrounds, areas of the country and the world. Whether you call them your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family or strangers you haven't met yet, we want to challenge you to reach out to others to build new relationships, connections and understanding.

See Something? Do Something.

If you see someone in harm or making an effort to cause harm, we ask that you get involved in helping. Never put yourself in harm’s way to intervene, but there are specific things you can do to make sure intervention occurs:

  • Don’t assume someone else will help. It is better to have multiple people stepping in or seeking emergency assistance than none.
  • Point to individuals with very clear directives on what to do, such as: “You, call 911.”
  • Don’t walk away because it isn’t your business. Any violence or harm on campus affects all SUNY Plattsburgh members.

Additionally, there are ways you can get involved on different levels:

  • Become an ally.
  • Get educated about interpersonal violence.
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