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Title IX Initiatives

Title IX committees began meeting at SUNY Plattsburgh in fall 2015 and continue to convene to work on achieving the objectives set forth by the 2015 Presidential Sexual Assault Task Force.

If you're interested in getting involved, please contact the Title IX office.

Programs In Action

  • Violence Prevention Education and Outreach

    Where Do I Find the Violence Prevention Education and Outreach Coordinator?

    Zyaijah Nadler
    Office: 110 Angell College Center
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 518-564-2098

    What Is the Violence Prevention Education and Outreach Coordinator’s Role?

    • Provide information on Violence Prevention
    • Connect people with resources they may need
    • Provide students with internship and educator opportunities

    When Should I Contact the Violence Prevention Education and Outreach Coordinator?

    • To seek information or training about rights on campus.
    • To receive information about violence prevention, the schools bystander intervention program, the LGBTQ* inclusion efforts, or to become an educator.
    • Ask questions about SUNY Plattsburgh’s policies and procedures related to sexual discrimination, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and/or sexual assault.

    Violence Prevention Education and Outreach, Peer Education

    As an educational institution, our primary goal is to rewrite the narrative of what prevention should look like.

    Peer education allows fellow students to connect, learn and explore topics including:

    • Title IX
    • Affirmative Consent
    • Healthy/unhealthy relationships
    • Bystander effect
    • Sex positivity
    • Accountability
    • Self-care
    • Continuing the conversation and working toward changing the culture of violence.

    Academic Courses

    GWS104 - Sexuality, Power and Relationships (1 cr.)

    This credit-bearing course is offered each semester. Offered Spring (3rd weekend of April) and Fall (3rd weekend of November).

    About the Course: Analysis of healthy and unhealthy relationships in general with special attention to college life. Study of basic theories about sexual assault and gendered violence. Role plays and simulations to raise awareness and build confidence and practical skills for violence prevention and intervention on campus. Introduction to key resources for violence prevention and intervention on campus and in the community. (Fall/Spring). Liberal arts.

    Health Education and Outreach

    The Center for Student Involvement offers a range of programs and events that focus on awareness, prevention and education on dating, domestic and sexual violence.

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