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WARP Radio

WARP Radio is a course-related radio station brought to you on your TV and on the internet. We play music from around the world. Your favorite DJs bring it to you live Tuesday through Friday. Tune in and enjoy sounds from every corner of the globe.

What is WARP Radio?

We play World Beat Music, allowing us to provide the greater Plattsburgh (and global) community with access to music from countries around the world, thereby giving global voices a forum where they can be heard. You will acquire knowledge and skills through weekly on-air shifts (which include music, news, weather and public service announcing), as well as through various management duties and activities.

Many students get involved with WARP to find out just what it’s like to work in radio. Others use it as an opportunity to further expand and develop their on-air skills. How can you become a part of WARP Radio?

How to Enroll

All production students in the communication studies department can experience WARP Radio. Sign up for CMM209 Broadcast Announcing and no prior experience is necessary (This course may be taken up to 3 times).

If you want to learn more about radio station operations, you can sign up for CMM409 Radio Management. This class requires CMM209 and CMM232 Basic Audio Production as prerequisites. Students enrolled in CMM409 apply for the various radio management positions which keep the station running. This course may also be taken up to 2 times.

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