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Liam Morton

"In making this animation I have in mind issues of family, relationships and addiction.  This work conveys the bipolar nature of an innately dysfunctional household — that being the stark highs and lows it can bring. Piggybacking off of this I also show the destructive nature of resisting change in this environment. 

These ideas are presented in my animation by using a downtrodden mini-mart plopped in the middle of a small town that has seen better days. This little store becomes a beacon of change for those who enter and forces it to happen no matter the cost. I have created a surreal environment that seems to exist adjacent to reality, inspired by countless hours wasted on the internet and the foggy haze that it brings.

Yard Sale Magazine is a full size, experimental magazine that is an undertaking of both myself and Brian Menia. We have made a publication that expresses what we like to see in design and in ourselves as designers.  For a long time I have been interested in counterculture — the art that it inspires, and the art that inspires it. With a blend of cartoon, techno and grunge elements, every design I made for Yard Sale conveys the excitement of going to an underground show, the band may suck and the venue might be too small, but there are cheap beers and the poster was cool."

Liam Morton
Newspaper Tabloid, 2020

Yard Sale - © Liam Morton

Liam Morton
Digital Animation, 2020

Abyssal Gigantism - © Liam Morton (click image to view animation)

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