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Information for J-2 Dependents of J-1 Students

J-2 visa holders are the spouse and/or unmarried children under 21 years of age who accompany or later join a J-1 Exchange Visitor in the United States. J-1 visa holders are encouraged to make an appointment with the International Student Advisor to discuss these options.

  • J-2 visa holders are allowed to engage in full- or part-time study and they can apply to USCIS for work authorization after having arrived in the United States.
  • J-2s wishing to apply for work authorization in the United States should contact the International Student Advisor for more information.
  • Each J-2 has his or her own DS-2019 and J-2 visa stamp in his or her passport.
  • If the primary J-1 exchange student is subject to 212(e) (the two year home residence requirement), the dependents, or J-2s, are also subject. Please review the regulations around the 2-year Home Residence Requirement if you are considering inviting a relative for a J-2 visa.
  • All J-2 visa holders must carry and maintain health insurance for the entire length of the J-1 exchange visitor’s program while in the United States.
  • If a J-2 wants to change to J-1 status, this would be considered a change of status and the J-2 must abide by the rules of changing status.
  • A J-2 can remain in the United States as long as the principle J-1 visa holder has valid J-1 status. A J-2 is dependent on the principle J-1 visa holder. If the principle J-1 violates status and is terminated, the J-1 and any J-2 dependents must leave the United States.
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