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Extension of J-1 Scholar Program

As a J-1 professor or research scholar, you may be authorized more than three weeks and up to five years to complete your program. 

Important Notes

  1. An extension of program is not an extension of your J-1 visa. If your J-1 visa expires in the United States and you travel outside of the United States, you will need to renew your J-1 visa before you intend to return to the United States. This process of renewing visas also applies to any J-2 dependents who are currently with you in the United States.
  2. If you have any J-2 dependents currently with you in the United States and they will stay with you in the United States through your proposed extension, you must show financial and health insurance documents for your J-2 dependents as well at the time of application. Please budget for $4,000/per child and $6,000 for your spouse.

Maintaining your immigration status is your responsibility. Please act in a timely manner to protect your status and to avoid any problems with your stay in the United States.

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