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Occasional Employment for J-1 Scholars

Accepting employment without following these rules could result in serious consequences, including the loss of your visa status.  Please review the information on this page carefully.  

J-1 professors and research scholars may be permitted to engage in occasional lectures or consultations while they are working on their program in the United States. Please be advised that these lectures and consultations are one-time events. Teaching a semester long course at another institution is not considered occasional employment.

Qualifications for Engaging in Occasional Lectures/Consultations

  1. The employment is directly related to the objectives of your program.
  2. The employment is incidental to your primary activities of your program.
  3. The employment will not delay the completion date of your current program.
  4. The employment is approved in writing by your host department at SUNY Plattsburgh.
  5. The employment must be authorized in writing and in advance in SEVIS by your RO/ARO.
  6. You are in valid J-1 status.

Required Documents for Requesting Occasional Employment

  1. A completed and signed Occasional Employment Request Form for J-1 Scholars. (Note: this file requires the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download).
  2. An official offer letter from the institution or organization who wants to employ you stating duration, number of hours, field/subject, amount of compensation, and description of activity.

Occasional Employment Procedures

  1. Consult with your host department regarding the opportunity that you would like to pursue and get verbal approval.
  2. Contact the institution or organization that would like you to do some consulting work and ask them to craft a letter of offer/invitation.
  3. Complete the Occasional Employment Request Form with your hosting department at SUNY Plattsburgh
  4. Contact the International Student Advisor in GEO and make an appointment to discuss your proposed employment.
  5. At your scheduled appointment, bring the completed Occasional Employment Request Form and the offer/invitation letter from the prospective employer.
  6. The International Student Advisor will assess your situation. If all the documents are in order, she will approve your request in SEVIS.
  7. You will receive an updated DS-2019 and a work authorization letter from your RO/ARO. You will use both documents to present to the new employer for the one-time engagement.
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