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We’re back

Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Reopening Plans

We are planning now for a fall 2021 semester with the face-to-face interactions that make us who we are and serve our students best.

Return to Campus

As we are working on the plan, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • We expect most classes will be in person. Some courses will be online or in a hybrid format, as in the past, adding value and flexibility to student learning in particular areas.
  • Campus housing, community living and dining services will largely match the pre-COVID landscape. This includes the ability of more clubs, organizations, athletics and recreational sports to meet in person.
  • We will follow guidance as it comes. We will share specific health and medical requirements with current and incoming students as they are developed.

Our commitment to a Cardinal Strong community is strong, and caring for every member of that community is at the forefront of our planning for the 2021–2022 Academic Year.

The health directions and guidelines that have marked our lives will not disappear entirely this fall. SUNY Plattsburgh will continue to follow the path of federal, state and local public health officials this summer and into the fall as we have for the past year.

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