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Academic Affairs COVID-19 Information

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, SUNY Plattsburgh remains committed to supporting student success with high quality curriculum and excellence in teaching. We place the highest priority on a flexible, engaging approach to course delivery that protects the health and safety of students, faculty and staff.

Fall 2021

With increasing vaccination rates and improving COVID trends, we expect most classes will be in-person for Fall 2021. We will follow guidelines related to social distancing, masking and testing as we plan for a safe return to campus. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.

Spring 2021

Grading Policy Changes

  • Pass/Fail Option for ONE non-major course.
    The Pass/Fail Grading Policy is temporarily modified to permit the choice of a single non-major course for Pass/Fail grading. Courses that fulfill major and cognate requirements, ENG101 and graduate courses are not eligible for Pass/Fail. Students may opt in for Pass/Fail grading for a single course through Thursday May 20, 2021, one day following the deadline for the submission of grades. A pass (P) grade may be selected for letter grades equivalent to a D or better. A pass grade is not calculated in semester or cumulative GPAs, however a fail grade is equivalent to an E and is counted in the GPA. Pass grades in repeated courses will be allowed to replace previously earned grades and will remove the previous grade from GPA calculations. Students should consult their advisor about possible implications of Pass/Fail grading, including issues related to professional or accredited programs, transfer or graduate school credit acceptance and impact on GPA. See the COVID-19 Grading Advisement Guide for additional information. Students will select the Pass/Fail option on the MyPlattsburgh portal.
  • Course Withdrawal
    The Course Withdrawal Policy is temporarily modified to allow additional flexibility. Unrestricted course withdrawal can be submitted until April 9, 2021; after this time, late course withdrawal requests should be sent directly to the respective dean’s office by May 14, 2021. See the Course Schedule Adjustment form.
  • College Withdrawal
    College withdrawal for personal reasons is available until the last day of the semester, May 14, 2021. For information and assistance, contact the academic advising office and see the Policy on Withdrawal from College webpage.

Course Modalities

  • Information about how courses are to be taught is visible both in the course registration system (Banner) and in the student schedule view on the MyPlattsburgh portal. Course with a location code of WEB indicate the course or a portion of the course is online. Each type of instruction is listed separately, so students must pay attention to multiple lines that may appear with each course.

A sample view is included below. The following bullet points explain how to read such a view:

  • Face-to-face courses have a location indicating a building and will either have a campus of “Main” for the Plattsburgh campus or “Branch” for the Queensbury branch campus.
  • Face-to-face and web “hybrid” courses will include both in-person classes and online coursework. The class may be broken up into smaller groups that will attend on alternate days. There will be a line with a time and classroom location as well as a separate line with the location of WEB in the course listing.
  • Online Zoom courses will have days and times listed with a location of ZOOM. If a day and time is listed, students must log into Zoom at the designated day and time to participate, accessed through Moodle.
  • Online courses that do not have days and times listed are fully online; there are assignments and activities scheduled week-by-week that students must complete by certain deadlines, accessed through Moodle.

Here is a sample portal listing (note: the courses are not accurate with the fall schedule):

sample portal

  • ANT102A — Face-to-face course on the Plattsburgh campus
  • CAS111WB1 — Fully online web course that was originally scheduled for online
  • ENG195A — Hybrid course; students will attend during some portion of the scheduled time according to information provided by the faculty and will complete some coursework online
  • ITA111A — Online remote course; students must attend scheduled virtual classes on Zoom
  • MGM315A — Face-to-face course on the Queensbury branch campus
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