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Intramural Eligibility Rules & Policies

Good sportsmanship is vital to maintaining the appropriate recreational atmosphere of intramural sports. All intramural participants and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a civil and sporting manner at all times. Behavior that promotes intolerance or prejudice, degrades any racial, ethnic, gender or religious group, infers an explicit sexual reference, or promotes destructive behavior is considered disrespectful to the University and its members, and will be dealt with accordingly. Participants or spectators under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be asked to leave the playing area.


Must be a current faculty member, staff member, or student at SUNY Plattsburgh.
Intercollegiate players are ineligible to participate in league of their sport.

How to Enter a League

  • Register on IMLeagues.com by deadline date listed for each league.
  • Team captain must attend mandatory captain’s meeting.
  • Rosters are open until the first day of playoffs; therefore you can add players as necessary.
  • Each player may only appear on one roster and play for one team throughout the season.
  • Team names deemed inappropriate by the staff must be changed by the team captain prior to league play.


  • Teams that are not present at game time with the minimum number of players will forfeit the game. See the specific league rules for each sport to determine the minimum number of players required to play.
  • Teams that forfeit more than one game will be removed from the league.
  • A 48 hour advance notification is required to request a schedule adjustment.


  • Win-loss records are used to determine playoff teams.
  • Head to head games during league play will determine playoff position in case of ties.


If threatening weather occurs, specifically thunder, lightning or heavy rain, outside athletic activities should be called off or delayed for a period of thirty minutes for re-assessment. In either case, everyone must leave the field and seek shelter. Should threatening weather clear the area within thirty minutes, play may be determined safe to resume. Check IMLeagues.com for announcements regarding weather related cancellations.


A predetermined number of t-shirts are awarded to the winner of each league.


  • Officials' calls are final.
  • There will be zero tolerance for arguing, harassing officials or questioning officials’ calls. Player first offense: officials may give a warning with or without a penalty or if extreme, immediate ejection from game. Player second offense: automatic ejection from game and Director of Recreation will decide if further game suspension or suspension for remainder of season is warranted. Ejected player must meet with Director of Recreation in order to play remainder of season.
  • Only field/court captains may call a time out to talk with officials if there is a problem. This does NOT mean that captains may stop games continuously to question calls.
  • If there is a problem with officiating, captains should talk to the intramural coordinator.
  • The games will go more smoothly and with less controversy if players know the rules.

Assumption of Risk

Inherent risks are associated with every recreational activity. Participants assume these risks when they agree to participate. All participants are strongly advised to visit a health professional prior to participation to determine if physical activity is recommended.

Note: Recreation Staff reserves the right to modify the rules and policies any time to ensure the spirit of the game and safe participation.

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