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Fitness Center Rules and Policies

What You Need to Know

Members are required to present their valid SUNY Plattsburgh ID card each time they use the Facility. Participants must dress appropriately to maintain a sanitary environment and to protect upholstery on equipment. Members are expected to follow any direction provided by Fitness Center personnel especially relating to matters pertaining to safety.


  • Appropriate activity related footwear is required;
  • A shirt must be worn; home made tank tops must sufficiently cover upper body
  • Cell phone use/texting while using exercise equipment is not allowed in the facility
  • Excessive noise (yelling, grunting, being loud) not permitted or tolerated
  • Profanity will not be tolerated
  • Staff directions are to be adhered to
  • Members must seek staff permission to remove any equipment from the facility
  • Disrespectful behavior of any kind, directed toward staff or fellow members, will not be tolerated
  • Members are expected to wipe down equipment after each use with the appropriate spray cleaner
  • Members are expected to break down bars and return all weights to their proper location after use
  • Tobacco products and food is not allowed. Water bottles, sport drinks, and energy bars are fine if kept contained
  • Books, bags, and other personal items (skateboards) are not allowed in the facility. Lockers are available in Memorial Hall for use by Fitness Center members
  • Members are personally responsible to return weight belts, straps, jump ropes, resistive bands issued to them. Members will be charged for the replacement of unreturned or lost items
  • Fitness Center does not claim responsibility for lost or stolen articles in association with use of the member locker room
  • Misuse or falsification of identification cards will not be tolerated and violators will be prosecuted through the College judicial system

This is not an all-inclusive list. Staff may make you aware of other equipment use guidelines, rules and policies as deemed necessary. Members who do not adhere to the Fitness Center rules will have their membership terminated and will receive a refund according to the established refund policy for the Center.

A detailed list of Facility and Equipment use Rules, Policies, and Guidelines is available at the Fitness Center.

Cardiovascular (Aerobic) Exercise Equipment Reservation System

  • You may only sign up for a specific machine for up to one half hour (You may use a different machine for another half hour directly afterward)
  • You may sign up up to two (2) days in advance for a machine or machines
  • You may sign up in person or by calling the front desk at 518-564-3143
  • You have a five (5) minute grace period to use the machine you have signed up for. After that, the machine is considered available
  • You may not sign up for two (2) half hour time slots is a row or sign up a false name after yours
  • You may not erase someone else's name on the sign up sheet
  • If a member is waiting to use the machine you are on, do not run over your allotted time
  • Please make sure to clean the machine with the supplied cleaning solutions in the facility after your use
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