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American Red Cross CPR Lab

The CPR lab is open four days a week for one hour Monday through Thursday during the fall and spring semesters. Certified American Red Cross CPR/FA/AED student instructors are hired to supervise and help individuals using the lab.

The lab is located in 209 Memorial Hall.


The lab is used to practice and skills are tested for participants enrolled in a variety of credit and non-credit classes and individuals registered to renew their CPR for Adult/Child/Infant/AED CPR or CPR/AED for Lifeguards or Professional Rescuers.

Individuals renewing their CPR/AED for Lifeguards or Professional Rescuers must provide their own pocket mask.

For participants who are renewing their CPR must go to CPR Renewal page and review e-book material before using lab.

Lab Procedures

  • All participants must sign up to use the lab on the form posted on the bulletin board outside our lab.
  • A maximum of 12 students per lab session may sign up for each session.
  • All renewals and PED201 students must come at the beginning of each lab.
  • Students must sign up in advance for lab times. If no one signs up by noon for a particular day, the lab will be canceled for that day.
  • Lab participants will sign in on daily sign-in form on clipboard in lab and list the reason they are using the lab (e.g. PED201, PED203, what level of CPR they are renewing).
  • Individuals using lab for renewal must give receipt to lab instructor after registering in main office of Memorial Hall.
  • In order to keep the lab clean and follow American Red Cross decontamination procedures while practicing, individuals must:
    1. wear appropriate clothing to practice on the mats
    2. remove all lipstick and jewelry prior to practicing on mannequins
    3. not have eaten just prior to using lab.
    4. To decontaminate mannequins at end of practice:
      1. For an adult or infant mannequin, wipe around and in the mouth with alcohol swab. The next individual to use the mannequin must wait a minimum of 30 sec. for alcohol to air-dry;
      2. For a child mannequin, tilt head back and remove plastic bag.

CPR Lab Schedule

Spring 2020 (March 30 to April 23)
Day Time Lab Instructor
Monday 5–6 p.m. Sara & Emily
Tuesday 6–7 p.m. Emily & Zachary
Wednesday 7–8 p.m. Jordan & Cameron
Thursday 4–5 p.m. Jordan & Sara
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