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North Country Visits

SUNY Plattsburgh invites you to visit campus and begin your students’ college awareness this fall. As you know, the college search may just be beginning for many juniors. To help kick start this process, register below! 

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During your visit to SUNY Plattsburgh, we require groups to hear an admissions presentation and participate in a campus tour. In addition to those activities, you will have the opportunity to select from the following:

  • Student panel Q&A session
  • Art museum tour
  • Diversity presentation
  • Meal on campus in a dining hall
  • Study abroad presentation
  • Communication audio/radio studio tour

Funding for lunch on campus is also available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in receiving funding for the trip, please indicate this on your registration form. We will notify you in your registration confirmation if you have received approval. 

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