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Personalized Campus Visits

Experience a typical day in the life of a SUNY Plattsburgh student and get answers first-hand.

A Day In the Life at SUNY Plattsburgh

Select from a variety of offerings to create an in-person snapshot of what your life on campus might be like.

A Personalized Visit 

Personalized visits are a great way to get to know the community at SUNY Plattsburgh before you enroll.

Your visit may include:

  • Meeting with faculty from your anticipated major
  • Meeting with sports and wellness
  • Talking with Financial Aid
  • Having a meal on campus
  • Taking a full tour of campus with a current student
  • Seeing a residence hall
  • Meeting with a study abroad advisor
  • Meeting with Admissions and so much more!

Create Your Itinerary Now:

Pick the day you would like to visit and select from the available options. All visits require you to arrive 15 min early to the Admissions Office.

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