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Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

Are you a faculty member interested in leading a short-term program abroad? If so, these programs provide a unique opportunity for students, and is one of several ways the college is working towards increasing multicultural competencies and expanding global experiences.

Before submitting a preliminary proposal, we advise that interested faculty members take a look at our handbook below. The information contained within will provide a detailed overview of the submission process, program development, and outlines the role and responsibilities of faculty leaders and the Global Education Office.

Please note that GEO is currently accepting preliminary proposal applications on a yearly basis, with a submission deadline of October 15 for programs that would run during a winter, spring, or summer term of the subsequent calendar year. While it may seem early, this allows GEO to align itself with best practices in the field of international education, and will provide both faculty and staff the recommended 12–15 month lead time for campus approval, program development, student promotion, and enrollment.

Interested faculty should feel free to reach out to the Global Education Office with any questions they may have. We thank you in advance for your interest and look forward to your future collaboration.


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