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Accreditation Goals & Themes

SUNY Plattsburgh’s Teacher Education programs are designed to prepare competent, qualified, and caring teachers for tomorrow’s schools. The programs are accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) for a period of seven years, from October 2014 to October 2021. 


Our purpose is to prepare educators who are competent, caring, and qualified; who are rooted in the college’s strong liberal arts tradition; and who endeavor to practice professionally, exemplifying ethical and democratic principles in a complex world. Concurrent with academic study, our professional teacher education programs include essential early and continuous learning experiences in field settings. In partnership with college departments, schools, and communities, our professional education programs prepare reflective educators at the initial level, and proficient reflective educators at the advanced level. The professional education faculty shared vision ensures coherence among content knowledge, pedagogy, field experiences, and student performance for all teaching preparation programs. It reflects our commitment to prepare educators to work with all students. The vision is represented in the following nine themes:

  • Theme 1: Content in Context — Effective teachers know their content area and its disciplinary learning standards and adapt teaching strategies to match the needs of diverse learners.
  • Theme 2: Learning Environments — Effective teachers understand human behaviors and interactions and how those influence the learning environment.
  • Theme 3: Technology — Effective teachers use technology appropriately to improve instruction and communication.
  • Theme 4: Assessment — Effective teachers use assessment to guide their teaching.
  • Theme 5: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving — Effective teachers develop their pupils’ capabilities in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
  • Theme 6: Recursive Learning — Effective teachers use developmentally appropriate and sequenced curriculum models supporting a coherent knowledge base which progressively builds upon itself.
  • Theme 7: Collaboration — Effective teachers collaborate with all of those responsible for student development.
  • Theme 8: Modeling — Effective teachers exhibit professional commitment which is evident to their students.
  • Theme 9: Multiculturalism and Diversity — Effective teachers value the dignity, talents and experiences of diverse students from many cultures and backgrounds.


Student teaching is more than just the culminating course; it is a tremendous opportunity for learning and professional development. With your supportive and constructive feedback provided to you by your supervisor and PDEs, this experience will provide the needed opportunities for you to further develop the skills, abilities, and strategies necessary to become a highly effective professional educator.

Student teaching is designed to provide you with the following experience and information:

  • planning and implementing curriculum and instruction;
  • managing the classroom learning environment;
  • interacting with students using a variety of teaching methodologies;
  • multiple-measures approach to assess and document student growth, evaluate instructional effectiveness, and modify instruction;
  • CCSS & NYS Teaching Standards;
  • opportunities for involvement in the community, and in the professional and extracurricular life of the school; and
  • developing a framework of self-reflection for continuing professional growth.


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