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Regions, Assignments & Arrangements



Teacher candidates are assigned to one of eight different placement regions. These include: Region I (Albany); Region II (Saratoga Springs); Region III (Glens Falls); Region IV (Tri Lakes); Region V (Malone/Chateauguay); Region VI (Ticonderoga); Region VII (Clinton & parts of Essex Counties); Region VIII (New York City). 


Student teaching assignments are made after considering a number of factors:

  • In general, regional assignments will be posted in the Office of Clinical Practice, Sibley Hall, Room 300, and at the SUNY Plattsburgh branch campus as follows:
    • Fall semester applicants — third week of March.
    • Spring semester applicants — first week of September.
      • After the regional assignments are posted, there is a one week “due process” period of listening to student questions and/or regarding their regional assignment. Each situation will be reviewed and all possible options will be discussed before a decision is made regarding any possible changes.
  • Your specific placement assignments (name of your CFS, your school placement(s), the names of your CTs, and contact information) will be available  the Office of Clinical Practice, Sibley Hall, Room 300, and at the branch campus,  as follows:
    • Fall semester applications — second week of May.
    • Spring semester applications — third week in November.
  • Teacher candidates receive notice of both quarterly placements in November (spring applicants) and May or June (fall applicants). Assignments are made by the Office of Clinical Practice after consulting with faculty members regarding applicants’ readiness for student teaching.


  1. Personal:

    1. Housing: It is the responsibility of teacher candidates to arrange for housing which best accommodates personal and professional needs. A listing of available housing is provided through the Office of Clinical Practice.
    2. Transportation: It is the responsibility of teacher candidates to make arrangements for transportation to their assigned schools.
    3. Recreational and Social Activities: Each region and community in which a teacher candidate is placed offers its own unique opportunities for recreational and social involvement. Teacher candidates are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities in such a manner that will enhance their knowledge of the community. It is hoped that such involvements will have a positive impact upon teacher candidates’ teaching performance.
  2. Professional:

    1. The following steps are required prior to attending the first student teaching assignment:
      1. Send a letter of introduction and resume to your CT, building administrator, and CFS;
      2. Establish contact with your CFS, and attend your CFS’s first group seminar session;
      3. Arrive at least 30 minutes early on the first day of your assignment, introducing yourself to your building administrator and CT.
    2. Teacher candidates are to be considered as temporary teaching staff members whose role and conduct are guided by the rules, policies, and ethics of full-time staff members. Teacher candidates are expected to meet assigned responsibilities in a manner consistent with teaching associates.
    3. Teacher candidates should become familiar with their school’s policies and procedures prior to their arrival. If not possible prior upon arrival, then this should be covered during the first week’s activities.


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