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Teacher Candidates’ Code of Conduct


The following behaviors are considered to be unacceptable during student teaching and could result in the teacher candidate’s immediate dismissal:

  1. Teacher candidate shows little or no professional commitment. Tries to get by on least possible effort. Failure to make acceptable transition from student to professional educator.
  2. Must be reminded to prepare and to submit instructional plans to professional development educator (PDE) and/or college field supervisor (CFS) in a timely manner.
  3. Shows no initiative. Does not attempt to enrich classroom instruction beyond routine textbook/workbook exercises. Fails to prepare (without prompting from CFS and/or PDE) teacher-made materials or to otherwise personalize instruction to enrich students’ learning.
  4. Is not open to suggestions from CFS or PDE. Instead, presents excuses and is constantly defensive about constructive analysis of performance.
  5. Must be told to be on time and to adhere to PDEs’ routine hours and SUNY Plattsburgh’s policies.
  6. Must be reminded to call school, PDE, and CFS to report being absent or late. Also must be reminded of responsibility to provide professional development educator with instructional plans for those classes in advance. Plans and teaching materials must be at the candidate’s desk area prior to leaving for the day.
  7. Is not dependable and judgment is based upon self-serving and non-professional considerations. Be sure all personal obligations are scheduled for after school hours and do not conflict with professional obligations.
  8. Does not establish proper rapport with students based upon their developmental levels and needs. Must maintain professional demeanor at all times.
  9. Does not establish and maintain appropriate professional and personal relationships with adults (teachers, supervisors, school staff, parents, etc.).
  10. Does not use acceptable written communication. Lesson plans and other written communication are not adequate. Lesson plans should adhere to distributed lesson plan format and include teaching materials, manipulatives, visuals, and charts.
  11. Must be reminded of responsibility to properly execute the policies and requirements set out in the Student Teaching Handbook.
  12. Must often be told to assume such responsibilities as signing in, wearing an appropriate ID badge, preparing/changing bulletin boards, lunchroom duties, bus duties, hallway duties, parent conferences, etc.
  13. Inappropriate language.
  14. Inappropriate professional behavior, including, but not limited to inappropriate interactions at CSE meetings, parent conferences, teachers’ room etiquette as discussed with your PDE.
  15. Does not abide by the policies of the host school, including but not limited to the host school’s Internet policy and dress code.


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