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Appendix F - Resources For the Job Search & Graduate School

Job Search Resources

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the valuable resources available at the Career Development Center:

  1. Assistance creating high-impact & effective cover letters & resumes.
  2. Career counseling.
  3. For more services, please visit Career Development Center.
  4. Many thanks to Barbara Barry, Tracey Cross-Baker, and Sally Urban of SUNY Plattsburgh’s Career Development Center for their assistance of putting together the following:

Job Websites for Educators

General Graduate School Sites

Please be aware of program flexibility and suitability to your personal and professional needs. In addition, you need to be extremely aware of the necessary admission requirements and application deadlines. For more information of your options for Graduate Schools, go to: http://www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/certificate/relatedmasters.html


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