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Appendix C - Graduation & Certification Requirements

Applying for Certification and Applying for SUNY Plattsburgh Graduation Are Separate Processes. 

Applying for Graduation

All undergraduate, combined (B.A./M.S.T. Adolescence 7–12 & B.S./M.S.Ed. ECE/CE/Special Education B–6), and “stand alone” graduate students will need to complete and submit a “Diploma Application Form” This form is also available at any time at the Registrar Office. (Please note that the SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus at Queensbury has a separate graduation ceremony. Contact the branch campus for more details.)

Please be aware of the deadlines. Student teachers’ deadlines differ slightly than other majors.

Deadlines for student teachers applying for graduation are:
  • First of October for December and January graduation.
  • First of March for May and August graduation.

Applying for Certification


As stated in the Teacher Candidates’ Roles and Responsibilities Section, you are required to complete the NYSED fingerprinting process before student teaching.

  • As of July 1, 2009, OSPRA will no longer accept paper fingerprinting applications (OSPRA 101). All applications must be filed online using national accreditationH Online.
  • Applicants must apply online.
  • NYSED OSPRA can mail to you “Ink and Roll” FBI Fingerprint Cards if needed.
  • Use national accreditationH to apply for fingerprint clearance online and to check current fingerprint status.
  • Source: 1/26/10 email from the New York State Education Department, OSPRA Unit, 89 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12234, 518-473-2889, [email protected].
  • NYSED Fingerprinting Process
  • FAQ
Finger Printing for Students Placed in New York City

In addition to going through the NYSED fingerprinting process, you will need to fill out FIVE additional forms:

  1. OSPRA 103 Authorization to Forward Criminal History Record Information to the City School District of the City of New York;
  2. I-9 Form Employment Eligibility Verification Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (3.08.13 copy);
    • International students who plan on student teaching in NYC: You must obtain Curricular Practical Training authorization for your student teaching before you go to NYC. If you have prior CPT authorization from your international student advisor, you are considered non-immigrant aliens allowed to work in the eyes of the U.S. government. In order to establish both your identity and employment authorization, please submit copies of the following documents with your I-9:1) Form I-20 with the CPT authorization; 2) I-94 card; 3) F-1 visa; 4) passport photo page; and 5) student ID card from SUNY Plattsburgh. We would encourage you to make an appointment with Ms. Jessa Karki, International Student Advisor, [email protected] & 518-564-3288 for more information and/or assistance.
  3. NYCDOE Fingerprint Referral Form
    • Complete Section II of the fingerprint referral form and top portion (place of birth, height, etc.)
  4. NYCDOE Moral Questionnaire Form
  5. Student teacher registration: http://nyc.teacherssupportnetwork.com/studentteacher.
    The following sections of each form must be completed and mailed to the SUTEC office.
    • Please hold off logging on the NYCDOE Portal until the start of your assigned student teaching experience n NYC. You will be instructed to log on by SUTEC in January 2014 — before student teaching. All NYC student teachers must register with the NYC Department of Education via their online registration system — in January 2014.
    • If you logged on the NYCDOE Portal too early, please call technical support at 1-877-368-3224 and explain and ask to be deleted from the system at this time. All spring 2014 students will receive an email when the portal is open for registration for the spring semester. All students completing student teaching through SUTEC will be asked to select SUTEC as their campus when completing registration.
    • Section II of the Fingerprint Referral Form and top portion (place of birth, height, etc.)
    • Sections 1 and 2 of the OSPRA 103 Form
    • Section 1 of the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form
    • All questions on the Moral Questionnaire must be answered
    • SUTEC Address:
      Regina Anderson, SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center 111 Livingston Street, Suite 400 – Brooklyn, New York 11201 Tel: (718) 802-3337 Fax: (718) 802-3395

More information will be provided to you in your Student Teaching Placement Packet and by SUTEC: http://www.suny.edu/sutec/

Non U.S. Citizens

  • All international students should contact the Global Education Office. GEO can help you with an Optional Practical Training (OPT) which allows for one-year (12 months) of eligibility to work in the United States in a job that is related to your field of study. You may choose to take advantage of this benefit to use it before graduation or after graduation. OPT is commonly used by international students after graduation.
  • International students applying for “Permanent” or “Professional” Certification only:

national accreditationH Online Application Instructions [file missing]

Other Information Pertaining to Certification

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