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Dr. James Csipak

Professor Emeritus of Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Dr. James Csipak joined SUNY Plattsburgh School of Business and Economics in 1990. Dr. Csipak’s (pronounced C-Pak) principal interest in teaching students is to help them find out their true (and often untapped) potential by way of emphasizing both respect and trust of self as well as of other human beings. His motto is “Follow Your Bliss.” Dr. Csipak’s major preoccupation is to have students realize the Connectivity of Concepts or, as he likes to state, “All individual islands in all oceans are connected by way of the ocean’s floor.” Dr. Csipak is also a strong advocate of equal rights and ethical behavior.

He is equally a strong advocate of “hands-on” projects outside the classroom, as well as internships, which emphasize the relevancy and practicality of learned theory as well as help out local Plattsburgh for-profit and non-profit businesses. He feels most useful to students when he can help them design a job search strategy (this, at least one semester before graduation!) by way of linking concepts taught in marketing courses.

Since September 2005, Dr. Csipak is a Sam Walton Entrepreneurship Fellow and faculty advisor to the SUNY Plattsburgh SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) Club, which won the “Rookie-of-the-Year” Award at the New York City Regional Competition in May 2005. Dr. Csipak has served as president of the SUNY Plattsburgh Local Chapter of the Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society since January 2004, and he is a member of Alpha Mu Alpha Marketing Honor Society. He is the proud father of twin daughters, Sarah & Alexie. His favorite pastimes are working out, playing guitar, “motorcycling and ’Vetting (C5)” around Plattsburgh.

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