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Scientia Discipulorum E-Journal Volumes

Volume 8 — 2017

The polymorphic ACE gene and resulting genotypes and allele frequencies within specific

Steven J. Kranes, Teal Griffin Gove, Kindsley Dodson, Ashaley Jacobson, Sandra Latourelle
(faculty) and Dr. Nancy L. Elwess (faculty)
Scientia Discipulorum 2016: 1-7

Fifteen-year Forest Structure Changes in a Sandstone Pavement Barren

Thomas F. DellaRocco, Dr. Jacob N. Straub (Faculty)
Scientia Discipulorum 2016: 8-21

Presence, Habitat Use, and Prey Selection of Champlain Valley Owls, New York

Gabriella Douda, Erin Mosemana, Jacob Straub (Faculty), and Danielle Garneaua (Faculty)
Scientia Discipulorum 2016: 22-42

The Genetic Analysis of High Risk Athletes for the Presence of the DRD4 7 Variable
Tandem Repeat

Dorian Yablin, Dr. Nancy L. Elwess (Faculty)
Scientia Discipulorum 2016: 43-50

Volume 7 — 2014

Timing of Peak Acorn Yield in Northern Red Oaks at Flat Rock Forest in Relation to Small Mammals

Janet Ellsworth, Marc Peterson, Dr. Jacob Straub (faculty), and Dr. Danielle Garneau (faculty).
Scientia Discipulorum 2014:1-10

Volume 6 — 2013

A revised key to the Zooplankton of Lake Champlain

Mark LaMay, Erin Hayes-Pontius, Ian Ater, Timothy B. Mihuc (faculty)
Scientia Discipulorum 2013: 1-41.

An examination of sensory input in anti-predator behavior of the American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos)

Rory P. Carroll and Danielle Garneau (faculty)
Scientia Discipulorum 2013: 42-55.

Frequency of missing legs in the cave cricket, Hadenoecus subterraneus

Mohammed Chandoo, Elizabeth Lavoie, Utsav Pandey, and Suganthi Thirunavukarasu
Kathleen H. Lavoie (faculty), Thomas Wolosz (faculty), and Kurt Helf (faculty)
Scientia Discipulorum 2013: 56-61.

Near shore Fish Community Analysis On Northwestern Lake Champlain

Alejandro Reyes, Caleb Smith, George Maynard, Eric Snavely, and Danielle Garneau (faculty)
Scientia Discipulorum 2013: 62-76.

Volume 5 — 2011

A survey of northern white-cedar limestone woodlands at Point au Roche State Park, New York

Timothy M. Shearman and Kenneth B. Adams (faculty).
Scientia discipulorum 2011:1-12

Group Environments and Visuospatial Attention in Patients with TBI

Michael Freedberg, Joseph Lynch III and Jeanne P. Ryan (faculty).
Scientia discipulorum 2011:12-24

Methods for Determining New Biovolumes for Copepods and Cladocerans

Casey Binggeli, Allison Waring, Timothy Mihuc (faculty).
Scientia discipulorum 2011:25-33

A New Parameterization for Ford Circles

Annmarie McGonagle.
Scientia discipulorum 2011:25-44

Perspectives of Psychosomatic Medicine:An Integration of Psychoneuroimmunology and Epigenetics

Maria E Kryza.
Scientia discipulorum 2011:45-62

Establishing Records for Drosera (sundews) in Clinton, County, New York

Lilly Schelling, Shane May and Chris Martine (faculty).
Scientia discipulorum 2011:63-77

An Ecological and Cultural Review of the Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae): Dreamtime – Present

Rory Caroll and Chris Martine (faculty).
Scientia discipulorum 2011:77-90

Volume 4 — 2009

Long-term Impact of an Ice Storm and Restoration Cutting in a Rare Pine Barren

Joseph Ceradini, Caitlin Dame, Brian Glidden, Daniel Hays, Carolyn Livensperger, Robert Schiesser and Kenneth Adams (faculty).
Scientia discipulorum 2009:1-20

Iraq, Times Two: A Comprehensive Counterinsurgency Strategy for Afghanistan

Daniel R. DePetris.
Scientia discipulorum 2009:21-34

The Impact of Meditative Practices on Physiology and Neurology: A Review of the Literature

Christopher Dooley.
Scientia discipulorum 2009:35-59

Assessment of a Forest Stand for Old-Growth Statusat Point au Roche State Park, Clinton County, New York

Matthew R. Sorannoa and Kenneth B. Adamsb (faculty).
Scientia discipulorum 2009:60-69

Volume 3 — 2008

Leaf Litter Quality in Adirondack Upland Streams: Managed vs. Preserve

Victoria L. Bombard, Timothy B.Mihuc (faculty), Jeffry Jones (faculty), Robert D. Fuller (faculty) and Thomas S. Woodcock (faculty).
Scientia discipulorum 2008:1-10

Nitrogen Cycling and Dynamics in Upland Managed and Preserved Watersheds of the Adirondack Mountains, New York

Christopher Stall, Robert D. Fuller, Timothy B.Mihuc, Jeffry Jones and Thomas S. Woodcock.
Scientia discipulorum 2008:11-20

Composition and Abundance of Stream Macroinvertebrates as a Determinant of Water Quality Up and Down Stream of the Imperial Dam, Saranac River, New York

Erika Hartmann and Timothy Mihuc.
Scientia discipulorum 2008:21-27

Volume 2 — 2006

Habitat Usage by Birds at the Lake Alice Wildlife Management Area Chazy, New York

Kevyn J. Juneau and Kenneth B. Adams.
Scientia discipulorum 2006:1-10

Effects of land use on periphyton chlorophyll a concentrations and biomass in Adirondack Upland Streams

Jessica Bulova, Thomas Woodcock and Timothy Mihuc.
Scientia discipulorum 2006:11-20

Comparisons of Four Riparian Plant Communities on the Little Chazy River, Northern New York

Becker, A. Buboltz, D. Kinicki, R. Plantrich, R. Tucker, and K. Adams.
Scientia discipulorum 2006:21-39

Variability in troglomorphic adaptations of a Mexican cavefish, Poecilia mexicana, from Tabasco, Mexico

Michael Dieterich and Kathleen H. Lavoie.
Scientia discipulorum 2006:40-43

Volume 1 — 2004

Plant Community Succession Following Disturbances in a Pine Barren and Adjacent Hardwood Forest

Allison Krill, Collette Newell, Maggie O’Neil, Orathai Phommala, Kenneth Adams.
Scientia discipulorum 2004:1-16

Effects of an Ice Storm on Fuel Loadings and Potential Fire Behavior in a Pine Barren of Northeastern New York

Gregg Sargis and Kenneth Adams.
Scientia discipulorum 2004:17-25.

Decomposition Rates of Typha Spp. in Northern Freshwater Wetlands over a Stream-Marsh-Peatland Gradient

Rachel E. Ruppel, Karen E. Setty, and Meiyin Wu.
Scientia discipulorum 2004:26-37.

A Guide to the Zooplankton of Lake Champlain

Karen J. Carling, Ian M. Ater, Megan R. Pellam, Adam M. Bouchard, Timothy B. Mihuc.
Scientia discipulorum 2004:38-66.

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